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the 5 last of a category on a detailed page

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the 5 last of a category on a detailed page

I use LSQL as a news manager

So I have many categories and a lot of articles in each of them..

When I clic to see the article in detail, I would like to have a
"Read the last five articles of this category"
and then display the last five last article titles

So my question is

How to display the 5 last article of a category on a detailed page?

Thanks for all.........

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Re: [fmp] the 5 last of a category on a detailed page In reply to
Check this post:

Edit: above seems bad or other kind, but try this, what Alex suggested exatly for you:

And here is the thread where you discussed this, but seems unsolved:
But I don't understand why you start the same thread again... You should continue to ask where you posted your original post...

Best regards,

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