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templates with html and php

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templates with html and php
Hi there

Im running a travel site and got everything organized like this:


and so on.
Now on each country or city frontpage (index.html) I would like to use a php script to state the current weather. So the extentions of these sites needs to be .php and not .html.
Changing the extention of the template used for those pages to .php does'nt help - it still builds the new pages with a .html extention.

I have tried several ways to get it to work. I know there's a way to let php-strings be passed on .html pages by changing the server configuration but my hosting company cant get it to work right, not with htaccess or httpd.conf either.

Since the country and city frontpages doesnt contain anything dynamic - I guess I could make the index.html file here:

Be a file redirecting to

And then copy protect the index.html redirecting file so Links SQL cant overwrite it. Would that be a good solution? How will LINKS SQL react to a lot of protected files it cant rewrite and so on..

Also lately Im experiencing that LINKS SQL cant connect to the mySQL database because of too many connections. I have only changed the templates for LINKS - I havent made any changes to the program files outside the administration panel. But still it seems like the program does not close all the connection to MySQL making it go down once in a while. Often 3-4 hours after I have used the administration panel for e.g. adding new links. Any good explanations? :)