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suddenly script produces no output

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suddenly script produces no output
Hi, the script failed this morning. I can't access admin at all, I can get the "index" on the web and that's it. I've been having problems trying to get ImageMagick working but I haven't changed the script. I think the fail happened after I created a new category. After I added the category I got the same error messages that I've been getting when I've tried to "clean-up" or "read about" the plugin (thumb_image) in the admin panel. When I checked through Dynamic though the category was there. The only change I made after that was in the css, I added a margin-bottom to "DT" style. I went in and deleted it after the fail (in DW) but that didn't change anything. If it was the category "add" that provoked the fail I'm not sure where to begin. Since I accessed admin fine this morning and then just did those two things I'm not sure what has caused this.

Current Error Message
'E:\website\wwwroot\cgi-script\glinks\admin\admin.cgi' script produced no output

THe error message I got before was basically "can't locate ImageMagick in @INC".

I'm hoping someone recognizes this and can give me some advice. I'm using Windows 2003 Server (lucky me) and before this morning things were working fine except the ImageMagick problem.Thanks, S