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subscribing and email.html

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subscribing and email.html
I'm starting to nose around the various files, and I guess I'll start posting some tidbits here and there. This one on subscriptions and email.html:

In the sub site_html_mailing, you'll find:

($tags->{'action'} eq 'subscribe') and ($tags->{message} = qq~You've been successfully subscribed to the mailing list!~);
($tags->{'action'} eq 'unsubscribe') and ($tags->{message} = qq~You've been successfully removed from the mailing list!~);

right before

my $output = Links::load_template ('email.html', $tags, 1);

Rather than editing the SiteHTML file to change the message, you can use the existing tag <%action%> rather than the default <%message%> to change the output shown in the template.

if <%action eq 'subscribe'%>


if <%action eq 'unsubscribe'%>
We're sorry to see you go....

You can embed the messages in the email.html file, and not have anything "hidden" in the source code. You can always default to the default messages (or edit them), but there is no reason to.

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Re: subscribing and email.html In reply to
Yes, that language has to get out of there in either into templates or into the language file.



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