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site in static or dynamic ?

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site in static or dynamic ?
Hi there,

I am looking at the differences between running my site in static and dynamic modes and the effect it will have on the server.

Does anyone have this kind of information?

It would be nice if the data show number of search’s verse server usage for each but any data, information, or comments would be appreciated.

I would like to create a site that would customized per user so I recon I will have to be dynamic. If anyone has examples of this kind of think an would like to show then please contact me.
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Re: [eamonn] site in static or dynamic ? In reply to

all categorie pages (eventually detailed link pages will be build statically)
great performance, quick loading, no database connection needed
Depening on how many links/categories you have, it needs larger diskspace.

No large diskspace needed,
changes will directly affected
slower loading, pages should be parsed by page.cgi
continue database connection needed.

hope it helps