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simple Q's regrading upgrading

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simple Q's regrading upgrading
i just upgraded to 2.05 from 2.04 and everything seems to be working fine. i did skip templates upgrade so i need to do what now?
reading alex instruction tells me i need to change four templates add.html, modify.html, rate.html and search.html and remove the error pages but i do not understand what he meant by Renamed all includes to include_ to clean things up
do i need to make any changes regarding this?

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Re: simple Q's regrading upgrading In reply to

The renaming is not required. We renamed all the includes used in the default template set to include_ to make it easier for new users. However people upgrading can use whatever name they like.

The important part is to modify add.html, modify.html, search.html and rate.html and add:

<%if error%>
Error: <%error%>

somewhere to display the error page, as the _error templates are no longer used.



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