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shopping cart plugin re-release

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shopping cart plugin re-release

I donīt want to bother GT staff with when will happen something questions ... wait I am doing it at the moment.
Just wanted to know if there is a plan for the shopping cart plugin like 2 month or 2 years. Does waiting make sense or not.

If the development is not yet done it might be interesting separating the admin and shopping cart admin. Owners might have someone for orders but not messing around with other data.

Furthermore I would appreciate the possibility to add orders and customers within the plugin admin - I know add Users is already possible.

In Germany and probably also in other countries it is neccessary to have continuous numbers for invoices.

Maybe there is also a plan for adding discounts depending on amount of pieces ordered and discount classes for customers.

Sorry if one or more if the above is already available, I have not worked too much with the plugin yet.

Thatīs it so far thanks and Regards

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