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setup.cgi fatal error

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setup.cgi fatal error

I am having some problem with the setup.cgi, I had tried to simplify the path, as Jack of Gossamer mentioned that the path seems very complicated. However when I amended it stopped working totally and I cannot get into the links system any more.

I have enclosed the setup.cgi file for your reference. The path that was there before was


I had changed all the paths that had the above path name to

I had changed the html fields to
http://www.bethecause.org/...n/portal/admin/admin instead of
what was there previous, I don't quite remember what did I replace.

Now everytime I try to visit the below site http://www.bethecause.org/...dmin/admin/admin.cgi
I get the below error message.

A fatal error has occured:
Invalid template 'home.html' requested (File does not exist) at /usr/local/www/virtual3/66/175/39/40/html/cgi-bin/portal/admin/admin/Links.pm line 234.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Please help.