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search outputs

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search outputs
the little things in life can drive you nuts and this is no exception.

My option to define 'search again' within a category has gone and I am not sure how or when.
Essentially when a search is done in a category it returns results.

If i perform another search it goes off and returns results from ALL categories, not the one I was in originally where I initiated the search, this needs to be altered so that the user can search the same category again by default, no options as I want some navigational links to let them move to the right place which brings me to my next little thing....

I have a amended file called include_search_result_header.html that I call up. Withjin it I want to call the tag <%title_linked%> but it says
<<Unknown Tag: 'title_linked'>>

Can anyone explain how can that be as I use it on several other pages no problem.?