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search link or forum

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search link or forum
I'm trying to create a form where its possible to select what part of the site to search. Its really 2 parts that I wish to be able to do.

Its a simple search form where you can type in your search but also with a drop down menu where you can select what part of the site (see below) you wish restrict your search to.

1. Allow users to select if they wish to search the links in the Links SQL database (normal search) OR select to search only the forum! This from the same form with a drop down menu.

2. Allow users to restrict their search to a certain category - i.e. drop down menu with what category in Links SQL to search.

First problem is to do with how do you make the forum to specify what search.cgi to use i.e. LinksSQL or Forum. This must be possible to do, but I simply can not figure out how!

Second problem must be easier, how can you specify restrictions in a search from a select menu?


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Re: [demon] search link or forum In reply to
Yogi has a plugin, that searches links & GT Forum. I do not know how much it work take to make a plugin that would search lsql & gtf.

Yogi, I am interested in this one as well?