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search _blocked

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search _blocked
Could anybody tell me the syntax for the search blocked input box, links sql admin/setup/search options. If I want to block fields in the category table and the links table do I write category:fieldname, links:fieldname or something else.
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Re: [cities] search _blocked In reply to
From the input screen:

By default, users can search on any field in your Links table by going to search.cgi?FIELDNAME=SEARCHTERM. If you have fields you don't want users to search on, you can list them here (comma separated list), and the search.cgi will ignore them.

You can block field searches on the Links table. The category table doesn't support field searches. To block searching on category fields, just set the weight to '0', like in the Links table.

Why it's done this way is to allow multiple options for setting up a search, I guess -

1) indexed search (by weights) - ie: what shows up when you type in a search box query -- this pulls up relevant links and categories, by fields you specify.

2) specialized searching by field -- ie: if you wanted to allow a zipcode look up, but didn't want zipcodes to appear in the regular searches, you would set the weight to '0' but create a search box that passed in the zipcode=nnnnn string.

3) blocked fields -- so that a person could not "force" a search, on say "username" or "address" if that was stored in your Links record (remember, people use Links for many, many different things).

This allows a more finely tuned access to data in your tables.

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thanks for such a comprehensive reply.