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I have a few questions about rph_verify.

How server intensive is it?
Can it run while the site is live or while I am working on other things in admin?

I have incorporated a few DMOZ categories and just got through moving things around. Now I am validating the links. There are about 125000. Rph_verify seems to “hang” a lot. It will take a very long time to verify all the links for the first time. I would like to set a cron job to handle this. I have found all the variables that are available. Is there a way I can also set a cron task to run rph_verify for x amount of time and then stop? I do not want, nor do I think my hosting company would approve of rph_verify running for days or weeks. (My hosting company is wonderful, lately I have used a huge amount of CPU resources an not a peep from them, I even crashed MySql once, oops) Having it timed seems like a way around this. (Unless of course the server resources are so minute that it doesn’t matter.) I am going to add a rph_verify upgrade to the wish list forum.

Thanks for any assistance with this issue. The more I work with LSQL the deeper in love with it I become.