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replacing 'select' field with a 'smallint' field

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replacing 'select' field with a 'smallint' field

in the Links database, is there an 'easy' way to replace a 'select field' with a 'smallint' field?

At present I use a 'select' field for one of the Links database fields: 'price' with values like this: £30, £40, £50 etc

So I have 400 records with valuse like: £30, £40, £50 etc...

I would like to replace this with a combination of 'currency' select field & a 'smallint' input field for 'price_new'

Select: GBP £ or EUR €
Value (price_new): 123

I know how to add fields, edit the relevant html template pages etc.

But in doing this, the new field 'price_new' to be dislayed on the link and deatiled page will be empty for the 400 records?

Is there some easy work around for this?

Would something like this work?

<input type="text" id="price_new" name="price_new" value="<%if price_new%><%escape_html price_new%><%else%><%price%><%endif%>" class="text" />

any help / advice appreciated

Colin Thompson
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Re: [colintho] replacing 'select' field with a 'smallint' field In reply to
To be honest, you would be better just having 2 new fields

SELECT / Currency / CHAR(4)
SELECT / ThePrice / INT(5)

Then, have all your values put in.

Then, have a script get the values from your current field (which has the prices in), and "split" them up .

For example:


..gets split into :

Currency => £
Amount => 50

Then, update these new fields.

This saves you messing up your current database entries =)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] replacing 'select' field with a 'smallint' field In reply to

that sounds like a good idea!

Would the 'currency' field would need a different name, as in the past I've used 'currency' as a field name and it effects the paypal payment process.

Colin Thompson

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