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plural vs singular

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plural vs singular

I've had a search through the messages posted but not found anything that answers my question.

I am using a DMOZ dump so from that a lot of entries have a description but no keywords to search which is ok for me.

The niggle that I have found though is that if I search for estate agent I get a result but if I search estate agents I get different results and the non 's' from estate agents is not included.

Looking at this from a users point of view they will probably search intending to find more than one so estate agents would be natural but for a submission they are an individual business so would probably enter (as a desciption for example) "we are a friendly estate agent based in xxx"

The two don't come together. Is there any way that links can be tweaked to provide results for both, possibly with the proper matches first and then plurals to follow, or vice versa if the search was the other way round.

I guess it gets harder with things such as agency or agencies (and vice versa too from ies to y) but if anyone has a solution to this I would be grateful, I would happily pay for a plugin if necc.