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phpnuke and pslash

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phpnuke and pslash
Do you know this scripts?


It would be a great thing to have these scripts (!!and!! wwwthreads or vbulletin) work together, using the same user-db, so a user needs to login only one time to use all the different features.

Maybe there is a way to use only links and wwwthreads and develop addons for the features phphnuke and pslash offer.

Users can get points for the most active user, user with the most viewn entries .... and much more

I think about a portal about cycling, you can see my current project at: http://www.cycle24.de

There is:
Board (wwwthreads)
classified-adds (links)
search-engine (links)
product-review (links)
dream-bike (links)
polls (other script)
postcards (other script)
bannerads (adcycle)

Anybody there with similar ideas or solutions?


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Re: phpnuke and pslash In reply to
I'm not sure what you are asking exactly. Especially about phpNuke

Just about anything can be developed in Links. The first step is to try to separate form and function, and very, very clearly try to figure out what you want to do, then decide where it needs to be done, and if it's better as a plugin and a hook, or as a template function. Template functions could be really equated with emb_perl or mod_php

Links is extensible, and it's becoming more so.

I have a postcards script running in Links SQL, and it will integrate the file upload program modules to create a gallery, and the eventual review scripts to add ratings and comments.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
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Re: phpnuke and pslash In reply to
news scripts -- there's tons out there. Have you looked at phpWebSite -- phpWebSite seems to have a stronger base code than phpNuke. Sure there's lots of nuke users but I've read lots of post where everybody complains about code problems. Also, the orgin for nuke is thatware. And another simple version is GeekLog.

How about phpBB for forum software? Did you actually buy vB? $160 seems alot when there is other forum software which is basically just as good. No, I'm not thinking ubb at all. I 've been to lot's of sites with ubb which later switched to wwwthreads and noticed visable speed increases. If I ever buy forum software I'll go with wwwthreads but for now phpBB is doing a great job.

pugdog -- Wow, you serious Links can do this? I've had a similar question since I'm sure many users use different scripts other than LinksSql on their site and it would be really nice to login once and stay logged in for the other scipts. Building a library of scripts that are login compatible would be great. So far what is there Adcycle and wwwthreads anybody else on board?