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permissions problem ?

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permissions problem ?
Have suddenly encountered a 500 internal server error on admin.cgi all user cgi scripts are working.

htaccess is asking for username/password.

Have taken the following actions:
- checked permissions are identical to other working installations.
- deleted/added htaccess username/password
- am getting normal response from htaccess if password incorrect
- am getting suexec policy violation: on normal logs
- looked at suExec error logs = empty
- checked admin.cgi was identical to other installations except path to server

can anyone advise what else to check?

Many thanks.

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Alba: Dec 26, 2006, 5:18 AM
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Re: [Alba] permissions problem ? In reply to
Hi Alba,

This probably the 'path/to/perl' is not correct. Is that identical to other cgi files?

You should also check the error log to see what happened.




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Re: [tandat] permissions problem ? In reply to
Thanks for your reply.

Yes, path/to/perl is correct. In fact I had done nothing to the script at all to make it stop working.

The error log just tells me to check SUexec but when I look there- there are no error reports at all.
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Re: [Alba] permissions problem ? In reply to
Got the answer- the admin directory had chmod 777 and the server required 755 or would not work... and how often did I look at that before I noticed it was different?