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older versions and backups

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older versions and backups

I'm having a very frustrating time with getting links across to another server.

It was explained that older version data won't 'go' into a newer version so my plan had to be install 2.1.2 on the new server then transfer my backup up data via backup and / or Andy N backup plugin.

Then upgrade to GLinks v3. I should not my telnet access skills are very limited to zero.

My problems are quite serious, there does not seem to be an old version 2.1.2 of links sql on the Gossamer server. as a gossamer install at the time of purchase I do not recall having the orig copy.

Secondly the files I have tried to extract from backup are .gz or (tar ?) and the instruction is to telnet in to extract these.
I honestly have not got a clue how to do this.

can anyone help on the above 2 issues, I need access to links sql 2.1.2 (I think gossamer should hold this to be honest in the download area) and a way to make the backups accessible from old to my new server.

many thanks

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Re: [KevM] older versions and backups In reply to

You can untar that file by a software like winzip or any similar, then use a ftp client to upload all the file to the server.

And change the path in the cgi files and change its permission to 755. That should work.




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