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nph-verify.cgi not working?

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Re: [afrayer] nph-verify.cgi not working? In reply to
This story has a happy ending! Smile

I was able to convince my host that the CGI wrapper they were using for crontab would not run command-line scripts as if they were truly on the command line, due to certain environment variables. I gave them nph-build.cgi and nph-verify.cgi as examples. Rather than ask me to "fix my scripts" to fit their environment, they elected to remove the offending environment values for commands using their "command-line" in their wrapper.

As a result, the utilities are working properly. My thanks go to all who contributed to identifying and solving this problem.

Alan Frayer
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Re: [afrayer] nph-verify.cgi not working? In reply to
Glad to hear your problem has been resolved Alan. Wink


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