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not enough templates... just wondering

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not enough templates... just wondering
Not to critisize GT, but I wanted to point out something...

If I wanted to edit my browser template files, it is easy. But some of my other template files that should exists, don't.

I wanted to add a simply option when links are validated that would allow me to modify the link instead of validate it (Ex. view | check | Modify ). This would come in handy if I had a user submit a commercial site as a free link, I could simply modify it so that it is Awaiting Payment instead of a free link without having to validate it into the pages.

There is a template for the browser section (browser_link_validate_form.html), but there is no regular (link_validate_form.html). I could edit this by editing sub validate_links in tools.pm. I was just wondering why there was no regular template created for this (not to mention the other files too).

Note... There is no way to simply edit a sub routine somehow without editing core code. There should be.

Thanks for listening,

- Jonathan