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new Gossamer_Links to see in action ?

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new Gossamer_Links to see in action ?
I like the new features of Gossamer-Links. Great that GT is upgrading their software constantly to industry-standards (like CSS).
Please keep on working on releasing new features for Links-SQL. I will upgrade as soon as the official release is here.

I have 2 questions:

Where do I see the new version of Gossamer-Links in action ?

I would actually like to know what the feature "PAGING CODE" means and what it can do:
  • New paging code
    • The new paging code allows you to easily change the look and feel of the paging toolbar.
    • There are 3 different styles to choose from, and the code can easily be overridden to generate your own paging toolbars.

Please explain.

Best regards,


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erichcyber: Mar 3, 2005, 1:00 PM
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Re: [erichcyber] new Gossamer_Links to see in action ? In reply to
I believe, "New paging code" means, the span page toolbar, which is used to change page number.
It is configurable now. GT staff, correct me, if that's not correct.

I'm not aware of any working demo of beta release. There was one, but the template set was changed there... But here is a screenshot about:

Best regards,

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Re: [erichcyber] new Gossamer_Links to see in action ? In reply to
We currently don't have a demo of the new version up yet. We'll see if we can set one up.

For the paging code, what we've done is moved the paging toolbar generation out of the code, since it was previously almost impossible to customise the look of the paging toolbar. In version 3.x, enough information is passed into the templates that the paging toolbar can be generated from the templates (well, the information is actually passed off to Links::Utils::paging, but this can be overridden).

If you look at the globals for the luna template, there are 3 paging options:
  • paging_style: by default, there are 3 paging styles available (we may add more in the future). You can choose the style that you like best.
    1. first/last, previous/next pages with page selection:
    2. previous/next pages with page selection:
    3. 'classic' paging:
    Note that styles 1 and 2 use javascript on the select element to change pages. If javascript is not enabled, then a Go button is shown. An example of what style 1 would look without javascript would be like this:

  • paging_max_pages: this number controls the maximum number of pages to display (not including the boundary pages). This is set to 25 by default, and in the style 3 example, it has been set to 10.

  • paging_boundary_pages: this number controls the number of boundary pages that will be added if the number of pages exceeds the paging_max_pages option. In the examples above, it has been set to 1.
There are also a few other options available that typically won't be used (more fine tuning and language settings), that can be passed into the paging code. For more information, see the comments in Links::Utils::paging.

You may also create your own paging styles by overriding the paging code. This is done by creating a 'paging_override' global. Again, see the comments in Links::Utils::paging for more information.


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brewt: Mar 3, 2005, 2:02 PM
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Re: [erichcyber] new Gossamer_Links to see in action ? In reply to
My LSQL 2.99 install is here:

It is out-of-the-box except from the search function ("suggest" feature).

For test purposes, please visit and use. Especially, I could use someone who does some searches, since I have a suspection of a bug in the search logger.
(or my messing with the search form ...)

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Re: [brewt] new Gossamer_Links to see in action ? In reply to
Hi all,

many thanks for your information.

One more question: will this new design and CSS-functionality of Gossamer-Links also be applied to the "COMMUNITY-PLUGIN" ?
I especially like the new box with the shadows around it, I think it is called "CONTENTWRAPPER"......can this also be used in the User-Profile of the COMMUNITY-PLUGIN ? I think this would be quite nice......

Re: brewt: I like the new "paging code", especially the 'classic' paging very much !