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need suggestion -dmoz import

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need suggestion -dmoz import

I want to import about 5000 catgories from dmoz (most of them will be from Science and Health). I have the content.rdf file on my local disk. the file is too big to put on my virtual server. I have both linksql 1.3 and NG beta4 installed on local machine and virtual server. I understand there are several possible ways of stuffing all the links into Linksql NG.
1) parse dmoz content into local linksql 1.3 and then export individual tables into files (using linksql admin function), upload them to server, put back to linksql 1.3 and finally import to NG.
2) after parsing dmoz content into local linksql 1.3, dump the database and load the dumped file to server, then put back into linksql 1.3 using mysqlman monitor.

There may be other ways. I would like to know what's the best way of doing this.

Thanks in advance.