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mod request

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mod request
Has anyone made a mod that allows users to pay to view certain pages (members only kind of thing)?

I know yogi's PageBuilder plugin can allow only signed up users to access certain pages. I wrote a mod for myself that allows only CERTAIN users to access a page.

Here is simply what I did:

- I added a field in the user db called Pages (something else in my case but it doesn't matter)
- Every page is separated by commas and worked with in an array etc...
- if the page exists in the user db, that user can view the page

This wasn't really much work...

What I need is a way to user can buy access to that page (Right now there is nothing a user can do to get that page in his or her profile or record).

Maybe access.cgi.

I could write this myself, but I have't figured out the complexities of paypal (saving each transaction somewhere, and testing good vs. bad ones etc.).

It would be nice if these transactions were saved in the linksSQL Payments section.

Does GT have all this stuff written for me in classes I can easily use and not have to re-write? Does anyone have anything close to what I'm trying to do already written?

Any advice, ideas, suggestions, comments, or fully functional programs are appreciated.


- Jonathan

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