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mod_perl CGI.pm bug? very rare...

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mod_perl CGI.pm bug? very rare...
I've been getting this error (this is the third time in about three months) and inmediatly after my mod_perl instalation goes crazy (as if it was leaking)

I've been able to replicate it, what triggers it is a POST ot GET operation (interruption that is) when sending data via forms, could it be a buggy CGI.pm?

I'm using Links 2.1.2 under RedHat 8.0 and here's the line from the error log. I can replicate it anytime I want, Just start a upload, an try to upload a new file. I wonder if KeepAlives can be causing a problem here...

[Wed Jul 2 20:30:01 2003] [error] GT::CGI::MultiPart (15764):
Unable to read data from server. Still have 1011258 bytes to read,
but got 0. Data in buffer is:
at /home/simrada/public_html/cgi-bin/scripts/admin/GT/CGI.pm line 75.

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jaltuve: Jul 2, 2003, 6:50 PM