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minor upgrade problem

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minor upgrade problem
Hi there,

when I run the upgrade, the permissions I have set for my server as found in config file are not used.
Here's the problem I'm encountering:
1. I have suexec running on my server.
2. I have cgi scripts in my root directory
3. The upgrade rewrites the permission on my root directory to rwxrwxrwx, but with suexec turned on, cgi scripts don't run with permissions other than rwxr xr x. So an upgrade breaks all my scripts until I reset the permissions.

It seems odd that the permissions would have to be rewritten. If the install script can change the permissions on a directory, than the install script should also be able to write files into the directory without having to change the permissions.

There's probably something I don't know about, but at any rate, can the install script be set to use the permissions as found in our respective config files?

that would be most helpful.