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manual payment support ?

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manual payment support ?
Hi Gossamer,

could you please explain in more detail what the "Manual Payment Support" is all about ?
How does it work ? What´s the purpose ?
Is it possible to upgrade my current installation - I have the Multi-Language-Plugin installed ? Will it work ?

Many thanks,



We're pleased to announce the release of Links SQL 2.2.1.

This release is primarily a bug-fix release, with really only one significant new feature: Manual payment support. Manual payments allow you to use Links SQL's built-in payment support to handle link payments without a payment method supported directly by Links SQL.

New features:
  • Manual payment support

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Re: [erichcyber] manual payment support ? In reply to
Manual payments were designed to be used in the following way:
- user selects manual payment
- user is shown the payment_manual_include.html which shows them your instructions on how to pay (eg. send a cheque/check)
- user submits payment as described
- an entry is added to the Manual Payments log (Payments => Payment Logs => Manual)
- when you receive payment, view that entry and approve the payment