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luna template set with google ads in sidebar

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luna template set with google ads in sidebar
If you've been using google ads in your sidebars, then you might have noticed that some browsers may incorrectly render things (google ads overlap the footer). I've suggested fixes for this previously, but I've run into a case where those solutions don't work either. This fix should correct it. Note that these changes will be available in the next release, so you can just make these changes to the templates directly (no need to put them into local).

You will need shell access to run the following command. cd into the luna template directory (admin/templates/luna):
perl -p -i.bak -e 's/<div id="ocwrapper">/<div id="ocwrapper" class="clear">/' *.html

A backup of the original file will be saved as file.bak. If everything works fine, then you can delete the .bak files.