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looking for mod_perl advice

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looking for mod_perl advice

we have our own Server hosted by a company without access to root functions such as editing httpd.conf .
I do appreciate it because it is not too expensive and they do all the updating and services.
The Server has mod_perl installted. Is there any workaround which allows me to use LinksSQL with mod_perl without having access to the httpd.conf file.

If not can anyone explain to me which sense it does make to install mod_perl on a Server where the user has no access to httpd.conf.

Thanks you

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Some configurations (eg. Gossamer Host have it set up so that users have their own mod_perl server (ie. they have their own copy of Apache running). In this set up, you would be able to do things without root. However, it sounds like your host just has mod_perl built into the main Apache server, so I don't believe you can set glinks up with mod_perl without root access.