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location problem

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location problem
Hi there. I have just changed host.
I took a full backup of the homedirectory, so that all CHMODs would be preserved. I hve now restored the homedirectory on the new server.

My problem is,that Links SQL were before in this location:
and now it's in this one:

Does any of you know which files I need to alter to get Links SQL to work again? Because it still beleives that it's in the other directory. I tried changing a few files I found, but it wasn't enough...

I hope that some of you know, well, I guess that many of you know Laugh

Thanks in advance !

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Re: [bannerzone] location problem In reply to
Hi Bent,

This may not be a complete list, but it should be 99%.

update all .cgi files above admin. ie. search.cgi, page.cgi, modify.cgi etc...
update all .cgi files in admin and subdirectories. ie. admin.cgi,nph-build.cgi,mysqlman/mysql.cgi etc...

You'll also need to manually update admin/Links/ConfigData.pm.

That should be all that's required.

Good Luck to you.

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Re: [klangan] location problem In reply to
thanks... I will try :-)