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links suite dmoz and other import alternatives

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links suite dmoz and other import alternatives
I would like to import part or all of the DMOZ category Society/Religion/Christianity into my Links SQL with existing data. I have looked at the previous posts and I am confused as to the best way to make this happen.

I have the Link Suite dmoz extractor however a test import overwrote all my exisitng links. Is there a definitive way to use this tool with Links SQL? I have seen several options suggested on the board but my trial did not work as stated.

I am willing to pay for a dmoz slice/dump/import but I just read a post saying this should not be tried on a vitual host. Since I am not running a dedicated server what options do I have with the slice-import?

Any help on this from the Links experts/veterans would be real helpful. This was a main reason for my upgrade to LinkSQl.


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