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link display sorting problem

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link display sorting problem
I have the following in my build_sort_order_category setup setting

Links_PPC_Bid DESC,Top_Order DESC,Has_Priority,isPriority,Has_Rating, isNew DESC,isPopular DESC,Has_Rating,isNew DESC,isPopular DESC,Title

I have links set to Has_Priority and isPriority (marked in the link template as link partner and priority listing). They are ending up at the bottom of the list of link instead of near the top.

here's an example


Anyone have any clues

my Christian web
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Re: [ccunet] link display sorting problem In reply to
How about changing;



Has_Priority DESC ,isPriority DESC

? Unsure


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] link display sorting problem In reply to
That did it. Helpful as always Andy Smile

my Christian web

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