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importing troubles

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importing troubles
In trying to merge over our Links 2 data to LinksSQL 2, we used the import feature; however, now -- for some strange reason -- it is listing two of our categories twice each and, yet, it split the links between the two listings rather than duplicating everything.

Can this be fixed so we can go back to having all the links under one category each, respectively?

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Re: [rtuttle] importing troubles In reply to

1- You have therefore imported twice.

2- The field number in the old and the new does not match or in a special case, there is something in the data that breaks the lines, which I very much doubt.

3- This could also happen if you changed the sequence of the system fields.

4- Change the field value of category full_name to the field property UNIQUE, and this will not happen. I have had many problems because of this and what will happen is that the javascript gets confused and screws up more and crash. Try it for fun though.

5- During imports you can click on the Clear tables and it will delete everything in the new. Also click on create fields and categories if missing. There is a heavy and smart programming if those options are clicked.

I have always avoided clicking on option "critical" and somewhere inside there may be, there is some problem in the logic and it gives a problem. Somehow it works excellent.

I see no reason why Alex has to keep on category Full_Name as not a UNIQUE field as a default.

After UNIQUE, you may have some more problems, may be, which I very much beleive it to happen.

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rajani: Dec 23, 2001, 12:10 AM
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Re: [rajani] importing troubles In reply to
I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Could you explain a little more in-depth for me. :-) I didn't do the import feature twice .... this happened after the first try ... and I have not tried since then.