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import problems

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import problems
I've been trying everything I can image to import from a text file and no matter what I do I either get this error:

Failed validation. Error:
or I get:
Row count: does not match header count:

I''ve checked, checked and rechecked to make sure that my rows have the proper fields in them, but for the life of me I can't see where I'm supposed to say what my category is and whether or not the field needs to be labeled CategoryID or Category nor can I figure out whether the field is supposed to contain the name of the category or the ID of the category.

I've searched the forum and can't find any help on this problem.

Anybody know what I'm doing wrong.


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Re: import problems In reply to
I've seen this problem in earlier versions of LINKS SQL. I know that there has been other posts in this forum about IMPORT problems.

Just to clarify...the OLD flat files contain CATEGORY names and they are translated into NUMBERS and stored in the CatLinks table, which contains LINKID and CATEGORYID fields.

Hope this helps.


Eliot Lee
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Re: import problems In reply to
Thanks for the info Eliot,

unfortunately, I'm trying to import data from an excel file that has never existed in any previous version of links - It's totally new. There are no instructions or help for importing completely new data - or am I missing something. Now that I've got the import functions working properly (I'm on a cobalt raq3 - uhoh) I see that the import functions support data from previous version of Linkssql, but what about those of us who have been working in excel, and structuring data for the previous version (or the new version) and now find ourselves using the new version without ever having used the old! Was this considered? Just think - there are lots of people who have slow connections and updating the data via a browser is too slow, so we manipulate our data the way we want it to be in excel and expect to be able to upload it. What parameters do we need to follow so that import features work? I've got everything setup properly, again, how do I include a category in my data so that I don't get these errors?


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Re: import problems In reply to
Well.... if you searched the forum, you didn't search hard enough :)

The LOAD DATA INFILE command via the MySQLMan or SQLMonitor is how you would do it.

You import the data directly into the Links database, then use SQL commands to fill out the rest of missing fields, and to assign categories en masse.

I posted a way to do this back with Beta1 or Beta2. I posted the LOAD DATA INFILE commands almost a year ago.

There is no easy way to do it in Links, since all the imported data is different. You have to look at your data, set the fields, and tell the import program (in MySQL) what to do with the data ie: which fields are being imported.

Going this route bypasses _ALL_ of LinkSQL data checking.

The most important thing you need to do is pick a category, and assign the links to that category.

I believe Alex posted a short cut to my 2 or 3 step process about 6 weeks ago in the NG forum, now this (?) forum.

If you can find this stuff by looking, I'll try to dig it up, but it would work better with an example of the data you are trying to import.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
FAQ: http://LinkSQL.com/FAQ

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Re: import problems In reply to

This is an example of text that I am importing:


So far I have only been able to import to the Links table then go back and assign CatLinks manually. Is there a way, if I have already collected the category information, to load CatLinks simultaneously during the import? I can also change the Cat/Subcat literal text to category number; what ever works best.

Mark Brasche
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Re: import problems In reply to
Sorry pugdog didn't think I'd have to look in a different forum for the answer to this question.

This is what I'm now doing to import a set of links data along with categories.

I'm starting with totally fresh data so I know all my category names, and instead of letting the links assign them ID, I have manually assigned them their own IDs

So my Category data looks like this: (because I used all the fields, I was able to use quick import to get this in.
1|Cities Day|0|Cities Day||||||0|No|No|0000-00-00|20010207002404
2|Cities Night|0|Cities Night||||||0|No|No|0000-00-00|20010207002404

2. Then I created my Links data which I import using mysqlman - and again I assign each records it's own ID in excel instead of letting the system do it

3. Also Within my links data, I have assigned CategoryID's to each field based on my category data. I didn't include this field in my import of the Links data, but because I have my ID and my categoryID in the same row, I'm easily able to create the 3rd database ->The CatLinks Data which needs to consists of the LinkID and the CategoryID. One entry per line. And import that. Voila, got my data in. Look at my links and my categories are there.

If anyone knows a better way to do this or if there's a way to do all this simultaneously, somebody please post it!