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import links without duplicating?

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import links without duplicating?

How would I go about importing new links to a specific directory without overwriting exsisting links and not duplicating? I tried a search but was overwhelmed with the results. Shocked
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AuctionGuy: Apr 16, 2003, 11:23 PM
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Re: [AuctionGuy] import links without duplicating? In reply to
I don't really know, if import does check for dupe links or not. Probably you already tried this out and found, that import does not check for dupe links, right?
The "specific directory" you wrote means "specific category"? If yes, that makes the import yet complicated.

I don't know such import tool that can fit these requirements (if there is, you will get suggested by other users). IMO, the bottom line is, that you may want ask an LSQL expert to write a small import script for you.

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