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import data with MysqlMonitor

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import data with MysqlMonitor
Hi guys,
this morning I'm nervous ... uffff

I go in Database and Import/Export an launch MySQLMonitor e insert the text of the query is all ok? No!!! 'Cause a messagge appear

MySQL said: Table 'push.lsql_category' doesn't exist.

Query: INSERT INTO lsql_category VALUES (3,'Overview',0,'Overview','This section provides..........','','','','a','',11,'Yes','No','2003-03-06',20030307120833,NULL)

is a not a simple problem for me is a complex problem. Is there a solution?

please, help me ... thanks ...


PS: I red old post but I didn't find nothing
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Re: [salvatore] import data with MysqlMonitor In reply to
Yeah the solution is to make sure you got the table name right ;) ...if you did then it means your table doesn't exist and needs creating.

The first thing I'd suggest is changing lsql_category to lsql_Category
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Re: [Paul] import data with MysqlMonitor In reply to
but another messagge appears...
MySQL said: Table 'lsql_Category' already exists.

Query: CREATE TABLE lsql_Category ( ID int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, Name varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', FatherID int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0', Full_Name varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', Description text, Meta_Description text, Meta_Keywords text, Header text, Footer text, Category_Template varchar(20) default NULL, Number_of_push int(11) NOT NULL default '0', Has_New_push enum('No','Yes') NOT NULL default 'No', Has_Changed_push enum('No','Yes') NOT NULL default 'No', Newest_Link date default '0000-00-00', Timestmp timestamp(14) NOT NULL, Image varchar(50) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (ID), KEY fthrindex (FatherID), KEY namndx (Full_Name), KEY catndx (Name) ) TYPE=MyISAM


uff I maybe change job
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Re: [salvatore] import data with MysqlMonitor In reply to
Well obviously you can't create the table if it already exists.

What exactly are you trying to do?

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Paul: Mar 12, 2003, 3:24 AM
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Re: [Paul] import data with MysqlMonitor In reply to
Thanks a lot,

I found the error!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted import a DB with a number of columns different

What Did I made?!!
I created a DB in a local pc with LINKS SQL 2.0
Now I must bring the DB on to the internet

Export the DB through the Section Database > import/export > Create backup file of all Links SQL data

After I go on the internet directory put backup file

And I go in the section Database > import/export > Restore backup file of all Links SQL data

iMPORT ALL DATA BUT NO lsql_Category the Debug Messagge is:

Importing lsql_Category ... (starting at line 71 of /directory on to internet/file_backup)
Starting import to table lsql_Category ...
WARNING: Unable to import `2 ...... Unknown table Image

Then I deleted a columns It was without data
, I retried with old method and not errors appear
and thats all folks

thanks again