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import.cgi help

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import.cgi help
Has anyone tried using the import.cgi in the latest alpha? How exactly does it work? I read the readme, but I don't understand why the data is stored in the .def files. I thought it was stored in the Backup directory of linkssql 1.....


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I haven't figured out what the program is trying to do, but the .def files hold a description of the database tables, and in what databse the table is.

The program can use that, to log in to the MySQL database, and get the data. There is no reason for it to use the backups, it can use an INSERT/SELECT type process to do it.

What I'm not getting is how the program is trying to do it. Except for matching the categories, it seems like it should be a fairly simple thing, and if the import did it in two passes, it would not be that complicated.

This is all new to everyone who has been hacking on the old version. There was no real 'warm up' to it, since it doesn't map very well to the old program, and it's a much larger program over all.

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