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having links added show up in order..

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having links added show up in order..
Is linksSQL setup to have links that are added.. go in an order.. or random.

By order.. I mean.. the newest link added would sit at the top of the list, and push the previous link down one.. This would be repeated.. everytime a link is added.. pushing the oldest link to the bottom as the list grows.
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Re: [6foot4] having links added show up in order.. In reply to
There are four seperate settings in your admin panel for controling the order of links.

One is for the Category order, another the search results order, and another the whats new, and another the whats cool.

Just seperate the sort order by commas, example:

build_sort_order_category isNew DESC,isPopular DESC,Title

This will sort the links in the category by Newest link first, then by popular links, then alphabetically.