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get GT session_date

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get GT session_date

hi seniors

I am look around the forum and find there is less disccussion on GT sessions.
i wonder if anyone could show me the syntax to get session_date from session table?

one more issue that i found there is coumn called session_data on session table. what is that for? as see it is alway be {'d',undef,'sessions','Cookies'}; ?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [courierb] get GT session_date In reply to
and where is the session cookie exist ?

i have checked both direct
in \Documents and Settings\[logon name]\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files
\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Cookies

but i cant find GT cookie exist there ????
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Re: [courierb] get GT session_date In reply to
If you use FireFox, download the WebDeveloper Add-On, and that lets you view the cookies in that current session.

Never really played around with GT::CGI::Session, so afraid I can't offer any other help.


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] get GT session_date In reply to
oh, it is sad. i am using ie and even try to add extra column on that session table. however i notice that the it documented that it is only handle for for column only. it is too bad

it is wried where the gt cookie goes. i even have a global search for recently created txt file.. but i still cant find the cookie. GT cookie using other file extension?

help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee. as i may try to do some work on client cookie side not the server side
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Re: [courierb] get GT session_date In reply to
ohhhhhhhhhhh. i just view the cookie content by teh way andy taught me.

it has nothing on the cookie . it just contain a session id in it.