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function-tags as SSI?

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function-tags as SSI?
Would a sub{} tag in the template parser do more or less what an SSI call would do? emb_perl can be an SSI replacement, and the function-tags are similar to emb_perl.

So, if you needed to call an SSI tag, couldn't you rewrite it as a function-tag within the globals.txt file?

You'd either have to rewrite it as a function call, or use system() to process the external script, but it should work, right?

If this is true, would there then be a way to "wrap" SSI calls inside a function-tag, so that people using existing SSI calls, can easily move them over to simple <%tag%> that would run from inside a .cgi generated page as well as a statically served .html/.shtml page?

Just wondering.

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