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formatting gone mad

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formatting gone mad

I've got a really peculiar problem. For different categories using exactly the same design template (header, category.html everything bar the actual content is the same) links is building me completely different layed out static pages.

I cannot figure this out, they should be identical in everyway, there are not any odd layouts or templates kicking around but it has completely messed up my formatting. The output of some of them is awful whereas others are ok.

On some pages the first 3 or 4 links are ok then the rest are center aligned.

Why is this happening and is there anything I can do to solve this, I thought everything was ok and done and dusted with my installation and setup but I keep getting these problems with Links SQL which are really frustrating, is there a bug I need to rectify.

Many Thanks in advance,

P.S I have just done a complete rebuild but it has not solved the problem.

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Re: [KevM] formatting gone mad In reply to
Hi Kev,

Can you give a couple of example pages so we can have a look?