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footer/header how-to

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footer/header how-to

I'd like to show custom category footers. I know in the older version you could use something like...for example


How do you get these to work in Links SQL?

In my template category.html...do I include something like <%footer%> ?? can't seem to get it to see the footer-motorcycles.txt

HELP! Please....thanks!!
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Re: [XPorn] footer/header how-to In reply to
Aha! A question I can answer (hopefully :) ).

From page 100 in the User Guide:

The Category "Footer" and "Header" columns are not related to the header.txt. and footer.txt templates. By entering data into the "Header" and "Footer" fields while creating or modifying categories, you can create custom headers and footers unique to each category. Include "Footer" and "Header" tags (<%Header%> and <%Footer%>, for example) in the category.html template to display the custom Headers and Footers for each category.

Looks like you need to change the tag from <%footer%> to be <%Footer%>.

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Karen: Oct 24, 2003, 8:56 PM
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Re: [Karen] footer/header how-to In reply to
I get it!

Here I was modifying my own footer-category.txts....all I need to do is use the Admin/Category screen....too easy...!!

Thanks a ton!