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e107 cms
I've had an idea I'm curious about.

I have these sites :


I'm experimenting at the moment with a great cms called e107 - version 7. It has the ability to wrap other scripts. Its set up on roman365.com

e107 is powered by a mysql db and what guests/user groups can see can be controlled sitewide via cookies and another method I forget right now.

What I'm thinking would be to use glinks as a directory within a site fronted by e107, how hard would it be to tie together a user login so one login does both scripts? Not too worried about tying anything else in between the two, just the logged in status.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: [roman365] e107 cms In reply to

I have never heard of "e107", but I am sure the staff from Gosamer-Threads and also some skilled programmers on this forum will be able to implement "Gossamer-Community" into this "e107" CMS so that you can use ONE user-signup interface for both applications (I think Andy has written a similar thing for an Open-Source Blog-software called "WordPress").

What I have seen referring to CMS and Open-Source, I think "TYPO3" is one of the best and most used, see this:



I would be interested in a plug-in being able to integrate TYPO3 and G-Links having ONE user-signup via Gossamer-Community.

Best regards,


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erichcyber: Dec 30, 2005, 10:32 AM
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Re: [erichcyber] e107 cms In reply to
Well e107 is what i'm used to, for the most part i've found it reliable and have built up some use experience which counts for a lot.

I've seen the wordpress plugin, at the worst i could use that as i thiink the plugin package from ultranerds i have might include it, problem is e107 is in place, perfectly suited, and in use already by users at the site i have in mind. Might contact them and enquire as to a custom plugin price but money is limited.

Gossamer community is of course another possibility i havent yet evaluated, but as the e107 site is already in use i would then have migration issues too.

Just thinking out loud so far but its an interesting possibility as glinks combined with a content and community site would be a formidable system :)
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Re: [roman365] e107 cms In reply to
Could anyone help?

It really would be great to integrate e107 and glinks.