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dynamic response time and servers

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dynamic response time and servers
What is a normal response time for dynamic pages? I have a small database (less than 2,000 links) and pages take 3 seconds to load, while static pages are nearly instantaneous. (I'm using the default LSQL template, no extra graphics yet.)

I'm on a shared server. I am wondering how much of a performance hit my server might be giving me. Anyone care to share load times for their dynamic pages? (Perhaps also giving the static time for perspective.)
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Re: [schonchin] dynamic response time and servers In reply to
On a dedicated server it could be instaneous. Not quite as fast as a static page, but fast.

CGI /scripts are server load dependent, and it's most likely your server.

Scripts are processed each time, while a static page is just kicked out the server unprocessed.

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Re: [schonchin] dynamic response time and servers In reply to
Static time should always be very fast. Apache can server a tremendous amount of HTML pages. If static is slow, then you either have bad connectivity, too large a static page and a slow connection (i.e. too much html/images) or a really overloaded server (move off this server quickly if static pages are slow).

Dynamic pages require running a program, connecting to a database, formatting results and outputing them.

Most virtuals should be able to respond to a database of that size in under 1 second. However if you have lots and lots of other accounts on the same machine, and just one of them starts using up all the system resources, your response time suffers.

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