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dynamic_preserve_sort_pages - please clarify

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dynamic_preserve_sort_pages - please clarify
Hi there,

the paragraph above the setup->build options variable: dynamic_preserve_sort_pages says the following.
A comma separated list of pages in which you wish to preserve sb, so, cat_sb, cat_so and Links column (for filtering) values.

The question is regarding the Links column(for filtering) values. Does this work, or am I misunderstanding what this is supposed to do? I tried sending in request to a category with a column variable I want to filter on like this: g=MyCategory;d=1;Media=Design%20Edition , but it doesn't filter the links in that category so that only links with Media=Design Edition come up.

Thank you for clarifying what is meant by Links column(for filtering) values


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Re: [klangan] dynamic_preserve_sort_pages - please clarify In reply to
That should be removed as that functionality didn't make it into 3.2.