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Im new at sql, and was wondering if someone would explain each file in links sql? or is there a file that explains them already. I know this sounds dumb, but inorder to learn links sql I would like to know what each file is.

Links 2.0 was easy and i've been told links sql is easlier, so im hoping it is.

Also wondering if some of the same routines will work with sql?

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Re: [tazmear] dmoz In reply to
Have you looked through the .doc file? (you can download it from the members area, where you downloaded LinksSQL).

I'm not sure what the "dmoz" part of the title was about... but if you are looking to import DMOZ data, then you may want to see this plugin;


Please note, it is possible to do imports without DMOZ_Wizard... but my plugin just makes it a lot easier :)


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