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display attached file - syntax problem

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display attached file - syntax problem

I have created a new field in category table, a file field.
In the category.html I have added the link in order for the user to display this attached file that should be a pdf.

I know that I may seem strange or even illogical... It is request from the client :-)

I use the dyanamic pages

So in the category.html I have inserted this code

1 - <a href="http://websitename/links/allegati<%image_name('Allegato',$ID)%>">Attached</a>

2- http://websitename/links/allegati<%image_name('Allegato',$ID)%>">

2 -The second one display the right URL of the file like:

while the first one displays as link
and of course this link is not right

How can I overcome this problem and getr the link to my attach file?

Thanks for your answers
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Re: [vercyb] display attached file - syntax problem In reply to

Have you tried using jump.cgi?


..and this should then prompt them to download the file :)

Hope that helps.


Andy (mod)
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