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detailed links in dynamic mode

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detailed links in dynamic mode
Detailed page links in dynamic mode are displaying the URL equal to the path:

rather than the URL selected in setup:

'Home' is also given the wrong URL in the navigation bar: www.mysite.com/templateset/index.html
rather than www.mysite.com/chosendirectory/index.html

This means that the dynamic pages like search results reached via the static pages are also incorrect.

The default luna template set is not affected, nor are the cgi links.

I got round the problem by hardcoding the URLs of the detailed pages.
<a href="http://www.mysite.com/chosendirectory/<%ID%>.html">

and omitting the www. in the 'Home' URL in the navigation bar <a href="http://mysite.com">
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Re: [Alba] detailed links in dynamic mode In reply to
It uses the url's which you have set in the admin. For the home link, it uses <%config.build_root_url%> and for detailed links, it uses build_detailed_url. I don't see how it could get the wrong url.

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Re: [brewt] detailed links in dynamic mode In reply to
It was definitely setting the wrong URLs- it took me a long time to go through all the templates and correct them.

It didn't happen in the template set that was listed as default- even when it wasn't luna.

A GT person had a look and fixed something and now it works properly. She thinks I had done something that had created the error but we have no idea what because I've no idea when it occurred.