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design performance question

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design performance question

From a performance point of view, if I wanted to store a date and time, and do a compare on it, as well as output a formatted date/time, would it be better in a write-once-read-many situation to use 3 date fields rather than a date/time?

For instance: In the templates I want to output a Date and a Time in standard format, but not in a "Datetime" format (ie separate tags), and I want to have a field I can compare to NOW().

Would there be a performance benefit by storing the Date, Time and datetime as separate fields? The date and time for "output" and the datetime for use in select statements?

Diskspace is always more available than CPU now a days, though in the 70's and 80's diskspace was a real consideration why use 12 bytes when you could get away with 8 or 10 <G> I remember those days....

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You may be better off using an INT and storing unix timestamps. Works very well..



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