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default category issue

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default category issue
This should be very, very simple but for some reason it isn't working for me.

I am trying to use a particular non-default template whenever I add a category from the category browser. Previously I've manually been typing it in without any problem, however, I'd like now for the Category Template form field to be pre-filled with the customized template folder.

The behavior I expected: To set this up I go to the Database admin page, then to the editor where I click on the dropdown, category for Category Properties. From the Edit Category Table Definition page I click on the Category Template column name. Next, I go to Default and change that "foo" (the template/foo directory where the customized category .shtml template is). Update table category.

Now whenever I add a category I expected I would see the field for Category Template pre-filled with "foo". That isn't happening when I add a category from the category browse menu. The field is still not pre-filled, it's empty. However, it does work as expected when adding a category from the Database admin page.

Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: [estjohn] default category issue In reply to
Do you want to run a differnet template for each category or just one different template for the whole installation?
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Re: [Teambldr] default category issue In reply to
Add the same template for multiple (but not all) categories. In other words, I have to add about 30 sub categories that use the same non-default template. However, other categories may use the default or another template.

The idea is that I could have the prefilled category template field while I add the 30 categories that need it, then switch it back to default for the rest of the templates.

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estjohn: Aug 13, 2002, 4:57 PM
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Re: [estjohn] default category issue In reply to
The way that I would do it is to set the template you want for the whole site in the SETUP/BUILD OPTIONS/build_default_tpl

Then as I created a category that I wanted the new template to apply to I would add it in the field "Category_Template".

That is the only way that I know how to do this.

Hope that helps!Cool
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Re: [Teambldr] default category issue In reply to
Thanks for trying to help Brian but I'm going to run into this a lot and would like to find a better way.

In links 2.0 this variable is adjustable in one of the cgis. I assume this works the same way in LSQL as the Category_Template variable looks like it is set from lsql_Category.def. This was already in there correctly (default=foo), however it's still not working from the category browser menu.

'Category_Template' => {
'default' => 'foo',
'file_max_size' => '',
'file_save_in' => '',
'file_save_scheme' => 'HASHED',
'form_display' => 'Category Template',
'form_size' => '20',
'form_type' => 'TEXT',
'not_null' => '0',
'pos' => '10',
'regex' => '',
'size' => '20',
'type' => 'CHAR',
'weight' =>