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contact_name and contact_name

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contact_name and contact_name
These are no longer in the default Links install (at least not in mine).

add.cgi is still checking for backwards compatibility, so it might be a better idea to include those fields in the default install, and they can be removed if they are not used. Most installs have those fields in use.

Sites that don't use user-registration would still make use of those fields in the link record. Sites that do, can delete or ignore them.

But, I would _really_ seriously consider getting rid of the backwards compatiblity since for someone to update their templates is short work, but keeping that code in every iteration of every program is wasteful. IMHO.

A site owner can migrate to the user/logon system if they choose, or keep the "contact_name" and "contact_email" in their databases.

_BUT_ by getting rid of the "backwards compatibility code" or any references to these fields specifically, you make them nothing more than "special" or "user" fields. It removes excess code and special-exception handling. Contact_Email is used in only about a half dozen places.

(there are two issues here -- removing the "backwards compatiblity", and adding those two fields as non-system user fields that can be ignored or deleted just to stay in line with existing templates and databases.)

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