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i have read all of the links in his forum about claim links, but i still have two questions.
1)when i add a link under 'database', and add and email address under 'Suggest Link Owner' and push 'add links' button. the link does not get added. Infact, the only thing that happens is the entire admin page appears in that frame. how can i fix this?

2) the 'Suggest Link Owner' email box only appears if i add link under 'database' menu. how can i have this appear if i add link under 'browse' category?

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Re: [ajiimd] claim link In reply to

1) Don't know what this could be... sorry. Does it work correctly when you uninstall the plugin?

2) This is not possible at the moment. Because of the way the 'browse' pages are generated, it is almost impossible for a plugin to add anything to those pages.

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Re: [yogi] claim link In reply to
thx for the prompt reply. it does work, when i uninstall the pluggin or just leave the box empty and push save. the problem come when i try to add an email address to the new email box
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Re: [ajiimd] claim link In reply to
i deleted it and then reinstalled it and now it works